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Homesafe Friend-Raiser 2022

Homesafe is holding our annual friend-raising event this year on October 1st tickets and tables are available to those who may be interested in purchasing them. Every year we hold this event so that we can continue our mission and purpose of spreading awareness of the effects of Domestic Violence. It is important to Homesafe that we are able to help those that are victims and need refuge to pursue the ability to find freedom. As domestic violence advocates, we sit in courtrooms with our clients, and accompany them in their journey to freedom! We take care of our clients 24/7/365 without much reprieve and it is our greatest honor to do so. We pride ourselves in providing them shelter when they need somewhere to transition into another living quarters, educate our community through in class lectures and discussions to individuals of all ages through schools, youth groups and other organizations that can use our services all provided at no cost to them. If you haven't had a chance to visit our shelter and would like to set up at tour, educational opportunity or speak to someone about domestic violence please contact us at our shelter number 440-992-2727. This friend-raiser is so beneficial to our community, we hope to partner with you soon! You are the next step to the individual and their family in finding the steps to freedom from their abuser, and the support they need to continue to become a successful human being after abuse!

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