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Imagine a world that was perfect, and no crime had ever been committed, life was easy, and nothing ever took struggle to accomplish. Most of us could never imagine a world such as this because we have been through so much in our lifetime. Even if you're reading this and have never experienced any form of Domestic Violence, you have been through tough times. As the holidays arrive maybe you're struggling to find joy, peace and love in this season because you are struggling to get through to just the next day. You are not alone many at this time of year are feeling lonely, defeated, anxious or depressed because that is what this time of year does to many. Maybe you are sitting on the other side of this blog in a DV situation where you feel trapped and feel like there is no way out, nobody understands or can hear your most inner thoughts. Without even realizing it you are being abused physically, sexually, emotionally or financially. You may be thinking about all of the things you need to accomplish today before this abusive partner gets home or wakes up to yet another day in what feels hopeless and comes without appreciation. Maybe you have even thought about taking your own life or have convinced yourself over time that this behavior is ok, and you do deserve it. As a victim you have the right to feel this way, but we want to give you hope in all of this. Many times, we have convinced ourselves that it is ok to be treated this way and talked ourselves out of leaving. To keep these logical thoughts in place, let us encourage you to take action whatever that maybe today, maybe you're not ready to leave just yet, maybe you just want to have the last holiday with them and the kids that maybe involved. No matter the reason you have chosen to stay for now, let me encourage you to take this as that moment to make a plan that works for you. You deserve much more than how you are currently living, and you are loved with a true love that is beyond your situation. If you are reading this and it has encouraged, you to take that next step call the shelter at 440-992-2727 and mention this blog. Ask for advice on how to set this all up. Your life and your babies if you have them depend on it! You can come out of this strong and resilient and we will be there for you every step of the way!

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