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Healthy Relationships Start Young!

When it comes to healthy relationships it starts when we are young. Kids are affected by what they watch and learn growing up. Between 3 and 10 million children will witness domestic violence in this country this year.

It is important for parents to set a good example for their children and talk to their kids about healthy ways to treat others when in any type of relationship with someone. What kids learn from their parents will affect them as they grow up in making right or wrong decisions when interacting with others.

Healthy Relationships consist of


-being able to talk openly and honestly

-treating each other fairly and equal

-make you feel safe emotionally and physically

-can talk things out calmly even after a disagreement

-supporting each other

-respecting each other

These behaviors can translate in both friendships and relationships growing up from elementary, junior high, high school, college and even adults. The principals never change so it is imperative for these behaviors to be taught to kids so when they grow up, they do not become abusive or end up in an abusive relationship! 1 in 4 kids will become abusive towards their partner. Let’s stop it before it starts!

Unhealthy relationship RED FLAGS!

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend...

- try to control you? - text you constantly? - keep tabs on you 24/7? - get jealous or accuse you of cheating? - guilt trip you for spending time with friends & family? - embarrass/disrespect you? - threaten or force unwanted sexual activity? - Easily lose his/her temper? - spread rumors about you? - scare you by, yelling, calling you names, hitting kicking, throwing or breaking things?

These are all things to look out for. You deserve better! Reach out and talk to someone!

National teen dating abuse helpline (866)-331-9474

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