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Emergency Housing


Homesafe is a temporary safe home for individuals affected by domestic violence. This shelter stay is free; however, individuals are given assistance to set attainable goals and rebuild their lives, that is met with a personal plan that needs to be followed in order to continue to receive these services. 

Homesafe advocates are trained and exceptional professionals that have true passion about those coming into our shelter and have access to supportive services internally as well as referrals to local area agencies to help our residents.


Each individual is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A typical stay is thirty days but if an individual is following their personal planning map and is waiting on their housing to open, we review these conditions as part of their plan.

Design a personal Safety Plan

Homesafe provides services to residential and non-residential victims/survivors.

If you are interested in developing a safety plan, contact our Lead Advocate to arrange an appointment. All information is kept confidential.


Safety Plan

Have the following items stored in one central place:

  • About $50 in cash

  • Extra clothing

  • Extra keys for car/house

  • Important documents


*Bank accounts


*Insurance policies


*Marriage license


*Abusers date of birth


*Social Security numbers


*Birth certificates


*List of important phone numbers


*Sentimental valuables


*Children's school records  

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