Emergency Shelter


Homesafe is a temporary place for individuals to stay, free of charge, where they are given assistance to set attainable goals and rebuild their lives, along with encouraging self-sufficiency.


Clients are provided with supportive services internally as well as referrals to local area agencies. Our shelter can accomodate up to 20 individuals at a time with an average stay up to 30 days. Each client is reviewed on a case by case basis.


Safety Plan

Have the following items hidden in one central place:

  • About $50 in cash

  • Extra clothing

  • Extra keys for car/house

  • Important documents

            *Bank accounts

            *Insurance policies

            *Marriage license

            *Abusers date of birth

            *Social Security numbers

            *Birth certificates

            *List of important phone numbers

            *Sentimental valuables

            *Children's school records  

Design a personal Safety Plan

Homesafe provides services to residential and non-residential victims/survivors.

If you are interested in developing a safety plan, contact our Lead Advocate to arrange an appointment. All information is kept confidential.