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Emergency Housing at Homesafe

Homesafe is here to provide a secure haven for individuals affected by domestic violence. Our shelter offers a safe home for a duration of 30 days, ensuring you have a supportive environment during difficult times. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you on your journey towards safety and empowerment.

"You don't have to reside at Homesafe shelter to benefit from our services. Our assistance extends to all residents of Ashtabula County."

Personalized Support and Goal Setting

Upon arrival, individuals receive an individualized case plan tailored to their unique needs. Through collaborative efforts, we help you set attainable goals and create a roadmap for rebuilding your life beyond the shelter.

Compassionate Advocacy

Our advocates are not just professionals; they are compassionate allies who genuinely care about your well-being. They are extensively trained to provide exceptional support and guidance during your stay at Homesafe. With their expertise, you'll have access to a range of supportive services within the shelter and connections to local agencies for continued assistance.

At Homesafe, we believe in providing more than just a roof over your head – we offer a supportive community and a pathway to healing. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency housing due to domestic violence, don't hesitate to reach out. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Designing Your Personal Safety Plan with Homesafe

At Homesafe, we understand the importance of creating a personalized safety plan to empower victims and survivors of domestic violence. Whether you are residing in our shelter or accessing our non-residential services, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Your safety and well-being are our utmost priorities at Homesafe. Our team is committed to empowering you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to navigate your journey towards safety and independence. If you're ready to create a safety plan or seek support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Preparing to Leave an Abusive Partner 

If you are considering leaving an abusive partnership items for consideration to have in quick reach:

About $50 in cash

Extra clothing

Extra keys for car/house

Important documents

*Bank accounts

*Insurance policies

*Marriage license

*Abusers date of birth

*Social Security numbers

*Birth certificates

*List of important phone numbers

*Sentimental valuables

*Children's school records  

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