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Emergency Housing


Homesafe is a temporary 30-day safe home for individuals affected by domestic violence. Individuals are given an individualized case plan that will help them to set attainable goals and rebuild their lives.

Homesafe advocates are trained and exceptional professionals that have true passion about those coming into our shelter and have access to supportive services internally as well as referrals to local area agencies to help our residents.


Design a personal Safety Plan

Homesafe provides services to residential and non-residential victims/survivors to helps them  create a safety plan in shelter and upon exit.


Safety Plan


If you are considering leaving an abusive partnership

items for consideration to have in quick reach:

  • About $50 in cash

  • Extra clothing

  • Extra keys for car/house

  • Important documents


*Bank accounts


*Insurance policies


*Marriage license


*Abusers date of birth


*Social Security numbers


*Birth certificates


*List of important phone numbers


*Sentimental valuables


*Children's school records  

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