Legal Advocacy


Homesafe's legal advocates provide support and assistance to survivors of domestic violence as they go through the court process. If the case is in Ashtabula County, legal advocates can attend court hearings with survivors and keep them up to date with any case information.


Our legal advocates are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, however, they can answer questions you may have regarding the legal process. Our legal team works closely with local prosecutors to ensure that the survivors voice is heard. If a person is in fear for their safety, our legal advocates can assist them in filing for a Temporary Protection Order (TPO)/Civil Protection Order (CPO).


TPO's last the duration of a criminal case, while CPO's can last up to five years. CPO's are not limited to domestic violence. They may also apply to victims of stalking, sexually oriented offenses, and dating violence. If you are a survivor of domestic violence and believe you may benefit from our services, please call our legal advocates at 440-992-2727 or 440-576-3655.