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The Homesafe community engagement coordinator conducts presentations and activities in a variety of settings located within Ashtabula County. 

Some of these can include area schools, universities, in-services and trainings to area professionals.

We also attend public and private community events that aid in the promotion of community health awareness. 


The presentations we offer to students in elementary through can include topics such as: 

  • Emotions (Regulation Methods)

  • Bullying (Cyber, Physical and Emotional)​

  • Respect (Safe Hands, Personal Space, Healthy Communication with Adults)

  • Teen Dating Violence/ Healthy and Safe Relationships

  • Social Media/Internet Safety   

  • LGBTQIA+ Support and Advocacy                                   

College Level:

  • Developmental and Emotional Topics in Children

  • Domestic Abuse (How men and women are affected)

  • General Homesafe Presentation

  • Parenting Styles

Professional In Services:

  • ​Self-Care to avoid job burn out

  • Child Development

  • In-services on topics related to Domestic Violence and Sex-trafficking response in the classroom.

     Contact Homesafe Community Engagement Coordinator at

      440-992-2727 or by email at


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